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Life Outside the Lights

When I sat down to interview Lauren Leiva, I knew right away that I was going to connect with her. We’re both Florida girls, yoga teachers, health advocates, and most importantly, we both have Crohn’s Disease.

Crohn's and Pregnancy

Our journeys couldn’t be more different, yet our struggles, fears, anxieties, and strengths are exactly the same.

This is Lauren’s story and she wants you to keep an open mind.

“I try not to judge others and what they don’t know,” said 34-year-old Lauren Leiva of Tampa, Florida.

Lauren has Crohn’s Disease and like we all know, there is no cure. The 1.6 million patients in the United States with Inflammatory Bowel Disease can only manage their symptoms, usually with risky medications.

“My Crohn’s was controlled, but not in a good way under all these medications. I was losing my hair, I got osteoporosis, I got pseudo rheumatoid arthritis,” said Lauren.

When she got…

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