S.O.A.R.  Crowns for Christ Ministries

The Lord impressed upon me this poem

Debbie and Sonia started speaking and I felt the inclination to take notes in poetry.

Matt 7, Col 2:7-9, Ps 92: 12-15, Rom 10:17, James 1:22, Is 43:18-19, Luke 1:45


Even if you are afraid as you go

Go only for My glory, for My glory to show

Being rooted in me and forever S.O.A.R

I want you, thru me, to loudly roar.


Your roots in me will hold your ground

Hear my Words, and My strength will be found

The storms that come, will set you apart

Your firm foundation in Me, will show others My heart.


Hold on to My truth and be rooted in Me

Trust in My power, like the strong roots, of a tree

My roots hold you in place, always keeping you safe

My Peace and Salvation, in your history, you’ll trace.


You will not collapse or fall by the way

For you will bear good fruit, day by day

Spread out your roots when the storms come and go

What you see above, will be my love to show


If your roots are strong and deep, in Me alone

Your stability in Me, will be my forever love shown

Pray about everything to develop your roots

Allow me to grow you, till your strength is absolute


It’s out of your comfort zone, that you display my Power

Faith grows roots; they develop in the stressful hour


Receive Christ as Lord and gain My strength

Overflow with thankfulness, to be on My wavelength

And your relationship with me, is displayed as we talk

I, the Lord, am upright and your Rock


Daily walk and sing worship and praises, to me

My Word, in your heart, will set your heart free

The message of my Son, never changes or is weak

You hear and believe it, as you diligently seek.


If you are meek and sincere, you will produce fruit that is good

I promise that your fruit will grow, and or course it should

Consider how you will love, and encourage others

Serve me in love and joy with one another


I desire the people, of my church, to join in prayer

To empower and remind you that, I’m always there

To nourish your lives in my Word and through prayer

I will feed your faith and give you my comfort to share


Seek me continually and you will find me

Thank me for what I am doing, to grow my tree.

And in my strength, many things you will do

“If you read my Word, the Word will read you”


Consider how you will encourage others

Your roots intertwine and will lock you together

The storms will blow and you’ll need one another

I, the Lord, in power, cause the works of satan, to smother


You need the support of your Godly friends

To hold each other up, your hearts, in Me, to mend

Locking Arm in Arm, Spirit in Spirit, Heart in heart

Will, locked together with Me, set you apart


Give praise and honor to Me, your God of all glory

Online and by phone, to tell your story

Lock arm in arm, to hold your ground

Only in My Love, I will be found.


Be doers of the Word and walk out your faith

On my path, with My strength, many steps you will take

Don’t be frustrated or worry if you don’t see change

Always ask of Me, for your plans to arrange


Forget the past for I’m doing something new.

I’m making a way for my plans are not few

Perceive it, open your ears and eyes, anew

Pull down from heaven what belongs to you


Be vulnerable before me, for you cannot hide

I’ll reveal to you my Spirit, if you abide

Pray for more of my Spirit, My love for you, I’ll provide

For My Love is forever, high, deep and wide.


Carol Gravante

Aug 26, 2017