Oh my, not again!!!

On the way to the veterinary office, I sensed an analogy forming in my mind. We would have to remove a splinter from our German Shepard dog, Yankee’s, wrist, due to his excessive chewing on palm branches and the way he props them up with his paws in order to get a good grip. The Lord showed me that the splinter in Yankee’s wrist is now an irritating infection and causes him to limp when he walks.  Even more;  when I  tried to just medicate with antibiotics,  I was not getting rid of the fundamental root of the irritation.

There are many roots to irritations in our lives. We try to medicate our worries, struggles, offense, unforgiveness’s, and addictions.  We either drink too much alcohol, eat too much food or take drugs in order to medicate and soothe over the irritations in our lives. We may isolate ourselves from others and God. We think that these alternatives will fix our unhappiness and certainly be easier than digging out the root of the problem. We may not even be aware that there is a root problem because we’ve lived with these issues in our lives for years and may have begun to believe that it is normal to behave in such ways. We might have even watched our parents model this pattern. We may even begin to exhibit physical symptoms much aa; Pain in our heart, mind, and soul. This leads to stress which is a huge cause of physical discomfort and disease. Matt 6:25-27, Prov 19-11, 1 John 2:16,

Yankee limps because of the splinter.  Splinter’s in human lives cause limps as well. For example, the loss of motivation to reach goals can be directly related to a root cause. In addition, anger, discouragement, depression, impatience, insomnia, disease, fear, and an inability to get along with coworkers or family members are symptoms of an irritating principal cause.

Separation from the ones we love most, sometimes leading to divorce, and seemingly, the inability to even connect with God eventually causes us to reevaluate our lives.

What we need to do is deal with the root of the irritation.  Consider that the basic root is sin that hasn’t been dealt with. basic causes also can be hurts and hang-ups and addictions.

The root may be a rebellion against God or an inability to forgive someone in our life. It may be that someone doesn’t forgive us and we haven’t gone to that person to fix the problem. We may be stressed about the loss of a job, undealt with grief, a failing marriage or problems with the children that are straying from the path that God has planned for them.

It is not necessary to continue suffering that way. It’s important to remove the root cause of the suffering by giving it to God.  He will know very well what to do.  If you’re listening and obeying the Word of God, then the root cause can be removed. You would have to be open, repentant and give God time. Have patience, but in a persistent prayer offered to God, he will show you a way out. 1 Cor 10:13, 1 Peter 5:10,

In Yankees case, I knew what the problem was because it had happened once before to the other wrist. We did not learn our lesson and continued to let him chew on those palm branches. How often do we repeat mistakes or repeat hurtful behaviors and habits? The first time Yankee had a splinter it took us a while to take the limp seriously but eventually we had it surgically removed and he was fine until he chewed another stick.

This time I tried to medicate with colloidal silver and he did somewhat get better, but it never fully healed. I was continuing to try the alternatives in lou of going to the vet and putting him through another surgery. It continued to be an irritation that he would lick and bite at and it continued to get more and more irritated. He could not help himself.

So I’m now on the way to the vet to deal with the root cause. It’s not going to make Yankee happy to undergo this stressful ordeal. They’re going to have to shave his paw and do surgery. Just the act of them taking him out of my presence into the back room causes him stress. As he walks through that door and looks back at me with longing, fearful eyes I second-guess myself… Isn’t it easier just to deal with symptoms and just ignore it?

In the lives of God’s children, the obedience to deal with the root issues in our lives is not always comfortable. It can cause more pain to dig deep to analyze and resolve issues in your heart, mind, soul and spirit.

If we allow God to be the doctor… Dr. Jesus… He can restore and heal any hurt, hang-up, addiction, worry, un-forgiveness, relationship problems etc.

Thankfully,  Dr. Jesus utilizes biblical counselors or mediators in order to facilitate healing. Just like I am utilizing the vet’s superior knowledge, we can utilize the people that God has gifted to help us.

The vet fixed up Yankee and God can fix anything. Jesus is bigger than all of our problems!