The journey to heaven during surgery… The wonderful name of Jesus

My good friend Elinor, age 91, came with me for a surgical procedure. I had told The operating doctor and his group, right before Anesthesia was put into the vein, that I wanted to go visit heaven and the doctor laughingly joked


“Oh, not on my shift you’re not!

When I was coming out of anesthesia the most beautiful angel named Elinor was standing over me and I was crying out “I don’t want to come back I don’t want to come back” and hands holding after surgery2she lovingly said,”Yes, you need to come back because you have to tell other people about where you were and tell them what it’s like “. She continued to reassure me as I kept crying out I don’t want to come back I don’t want to be here and the tears were flowing like a waterfall. My nose was all stuffy…. I might’ve even been crying out even before I woke up from the anesthesia. Very slowly, I began coming out of anesthesia with the realization that I had been pain-free… that I had been in a place of peace that I’ve never known ….and that with every sensation that my body was now experiencing ….the hips pressing on the bed and pain returning, the coldness of the room, the sounds of the environment but mostly the pain returning increased the tear flow as I desired to go back to where I had been.

Elinor continued to express love to me in a way that I knew it stairway-to-heaven-26498609was God talking to me through her ….encouraging me to come back. The love that exuded from Elinor at that moment and always has been natural expressions from Elinor only could come from God.

She said at least twice ” “No worries, you’ve shown me where I’m going. And I’m not afraid …I’m going there soon and I’m not afraid and now I know that I want to go …you know I’m going to be happy and you’ll be happy knowing where I am since you’ve experienced it.” I remember in my thought process at that moment that I was sad that she was going to go to heaven soon but I understood what she was saying.

I remember her handing me tissues and her wiping my nose and then wiping my eyes and explaining that I needed to come back to tell the story. To tell people that don’t know where they’re going, where they can go. She said it in a loving and meaningful way so much that I knew that she really meant it. No one else standing my bedside, from nurse, husband,  or friend could have been there the way she was for me. As I was saying to her that I didn’t want to come back she didn’t knock my words or discount them or ridicule them ….she didn’t laugh… she spoke lovingly to lead to me back and explained why I needed to come back. Later She said she didn’t laugh because “How could she laugh at such a profound thing.”

Before I even woke up I was crying, she said and the only thing she could think of was to meet my bodily needs and then my spiritual needs and psychological needs. I told her later that I learned so much from this experience of awakening to such loving presence. Every time I opened my eyes and I saw her face I felt safe. I realized that I was not alone and I was so glad that she was with me. I would’ve been in a terrible state to have woken up crying alone. I asked her if she had ever been a nurse and she said “No ” and I said, “Well, how did you know what to do to help me?”And she said, “I asked God to help me ”

I had trouble coming back from this anesthesia like no other operation I’ve ever had. When the nurse came in I asked her what I was saying when I woke up and she said, “All you were saying was that you did not want to come back.” She was there when I went to sleep and said, “I want to go visit heaven.”

I remember thinking how sad it was that I had to come back but I knew I needed to come back for Elinor and for my husband and other loved ones. I had been in such a beautiful, pain-free, peaceful place. I did not see anything there that I truly remember but I do remember the singing and worshiping! The song was all about Jesus I remember the song that they sang while I was in such a state of peace and comfort. “What a wonderful name it is, the name of Jesus”. I will put the link in for the song, “Beautiful Name” but just know that it sounded different. Angels were singing!

Elinor continued to not only accept what was happening and busily take care of my needs but the understanding and empathy that I got from her was nothing but love. There was no ridiculing or negativism at all. I asked her if she had ever done anything like this with anybody before and she said, “no”. I said, “how did you know just the right things to say and the right things to do to bring me back? She said “God helped me “and I love you and I wanted you to come back and I knew where you had been.” And I asked her “how do you know where I was because you were not in the operating room hearing me say that I wanted to go to heaven” and she said, “I know that you were there because there’s no other place that you would not have wanted to come back from.” She said, “I’m so glad I was here because, not only for you, but for me because since I met Jesus I knew where I was going, but now, even more, I am looking forward to where I’m going.”

There was another nurse that came in and very matter-of-factly said “Oh some people wake up saying crazy things… they need to go back to their job right away and go to work before they’re even coherent and some people worry about the money when they wake up and they talk about money and she says “it seems that when you’re in deep anesthesia that you wake up talking about what’s most important to you.” And I exclaimed, “I guess it’s most important for me to be in the presence of Jesus!”

Chris, Rebecca, and the doctors and anesthesiologist were all very nice to me there. They prayed with me before I left for the operating room. I really appreciated that. They always made sure that Elinor and I were very comfortable with warm blankets and their easy-going demeanor put me totally at ease. Thank you very much!