In the 21 day Brain Detox, from Dr. Caroline Leaf, we are to do an “active reach.” The reach is to counteract the negative, toxic thought with an opposite scripture, a song and visualizing yourself in God’s hands and relaxing and giving your anxiety and toxic thought to Him. The first day I realized that this was going to be a problem. I could NEVER visualize anything! But I gave it a shot and closed my eyes and voila…. I saw his hands come down and I stepped in. I felt his presence in a real and personal way, I could feel him squeeze my shoulders and I got goosebumps all over me! I was amazed! By day 21, in my active reach, the journey with God, in my stressful times, have become beautiful and inviting.
The journey involves waiting at the beautiful river of life, enjoying the surrounding meadows, mountains, sparkling water, weeping willows with roots deep into the water, flowering bushes, and diamonds and rubies and pearls instead of rocks under the crystal clear water.
God’s hands come floating down the river of Life, which is moving briskly, and stop in front of me. I thank him for picking me up and I get into his hands. We float down the River of Life and I soak in His presence, feeling the sun(son)warming me and feeling at peace. I notice the beautiful boulders we come across in the river. They are multicolored! We never bump into them, we just casually move among them. We stop at a cove with calm water. I disembark and sit on the softest sand, sparkling with glitter.  Jesus walks up to me and joins me on the sand. With his arm around me, we discuss the events of the day and gain His wisdom and understanding, We enjoy the view together and I worship Him. I am urged to enter God’s hands floating just off shore. While floating some more, God invites me to dive into the water.
I take the plunge and enjoy the coolness of the water, invigorating me ever so delightfully. I realize that God’s hands are now washing me clean. Removing anything that doesn’t belong, the sin, the shame, the hurts, discouragement, anger, sickness, discontent, fear, …..yes mostly the fear that I will never be well enough to do all that I know He is calling me to do for Him. I release the negative memories that haunt me. I allow him to remove even the sin that I have hid for so long.. I feel clean!!! We begin to play in the water, Splashing, diving for pearls, laughing, playing tag and swimming together hand in hand.
I climb back into his floating hands and we begin to sing! I sing the Hallelujah Song He gave me and he sings a lullaby, “I’ll Love You Forever, I’ll Like You For Always, As Long As I’m Living, My Baby You’ll Be. You’re Special To Me, You’re Special To Me, I Chose You to Be My Very Own, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You…I Love You So Much, I Love You So Much, I Can’t Even Tell You How Much I Love You!!!
He gently places me back into reality, but with a much more relaxed and peaceful spirit.
I get into his hands anytime I need to or want to. Some days I wish I could stay there forever. He says someday I will. I have just described Heaven where I will be with Him Eternally!!!