December 16, 2016 Devotional 6 AM

Finished December 22 and 24

Carol Gravante

I was awake three different times and each time these 3 words, which rhymed, were flowing though my mind. Guess, Guest, Possess…. I was led to the rhyming dictionary and found more rhyming words. I felt like I was supposed to write a rap.  I thought to myself,  “Holy Spirit, I can’t do this.”  He said, “I can.”  Was it the Rapper entertainment group at the orphan party last night that inspired me?? I was encouraged enough to buy a CD of their work.  Maybe this had influenced me.

I looked up the rhyming words:

Yes, less, mess, press,  Guest, stress, duress, distress, process, possess, transgress, suppress, abscess, The press, oppress, repress, confess, Night dress, Address, caress, digress, Express, success, profess, Chess, undress, unless, forgiveness, wine press, excess, express, Princess, bareness, repossess, nonetheless, politeness, underdress, effervescence, decompress, over impress, outguess, guess, bless, press, depressed, obsess, digress , caress, process, regress, suppress, finesse, convalesce, reassess, SOS, convalesce, abidingness, over impress, IRS

This is what I came up with very quickly. This gave me proof that when He said, “I can.” He meant it.

Yes, the press says the world’s in a mess… lots of stuff causes stress… especially the IRS, we need less duress. We have to decompress or it will become an abscess.

Unless we profess… and express… our need for God …on our way to success, in our own power of finesse, we can just end up trying to impress to accumulate … to possess excess.  No time for convalesce.  

Some repress their need for God and just more than guess they want to be a princess or a baroness full of effervescence and living at a fancy address. Never underdressed …Dressing to impress…. Playing chess with the guests in politeness… The wine press in full action 

Nonetheless when we call out our SOS and say “God, I am depressed, ” and allow God to repossess us, our body mind and spirit, and confess to him our need for him … and readdress our abidingness, we go through the process of submitting our bareness of our soul ….receive forgiveness…..He will address us as his princess and caress our spirits as He loves to bless!

Yes, we no longer feel the abscess… in His power, we suppress the transgress… We confess and address the need for success… we are honest with the IRS. The desire for excess turns into bless for others… The process is to reassess and profess our need moment by moment… We press in and some say we obsess over him… But yes, yes we are called to obsess in Jesus Christ. Fanatic!!! We don’t have to guess about our Eternal future… no longer having to impress people… excess no longer gives me stress… Success is expressed in obedience. Unless we confess while getting in our night dress we can’t decompress…

Bless The Lord… Yes, He blesses me… I’m his princess.

The press… They don’t express an interest in the people that are blessed …actually, they repress… They don’t address us… at all…

No worries… The wine press is in full action… He is the vine we are the branches… The fruit of the Spirit we no longer repress… It is expressed with effervescence.  We can’t outguess God when he wants to bless… Abidingness helps us press in… He is worth it!