Lord, I asked you, out loud, to send me someone who needed help at my rehab appointment and you did.  Not only did you send her to me, but confirmed it by the fact that she and I had numerous things in common. She was from my hometown 2000 miles away, also she had been in the military and worked where I had worked, at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. not only that, she also had a heart for orphans.  she loved dogs. She, too, had a body that needed help and healing and I knew how to get her a diagnosis and possible treatment. She had no clue about you though Lord as I continually gave you glory telling of my journey while talking to her.  She did not respond in a way that she knew you. Lord, I pray that you save her. If you want me involved to show love more. Have her text me back. (She did text back Hallelujah!)

 “My child, you were obedient… You opened the door and offered me as her hope… It will be up to her whether not to let me in.”

 I thank you, Dear Father, for last night… Putting my dear friend, Aliyah, in front of the woman that can help her was miraculous…we have prayed for just this… someone who can relate and mentor! 

 I am relating the miracle woven tapestry of the voice of the Lord here for a purpose….only to give God glory!


·        The first thing you did was have the leader to invite me to Celebrate Recovery personally once again… I seem to only go when he invites me personally, so I know you are prompting his heart at the times that I need to be there.


·        The fact that you whispered in my heart while outside, in my backyard, to actually go and to bring Aliyah to the meeting (The last time I attended was over a month ago and I brought her with me then for the first time)


·        And then to find out, when I called her, that she was already going but was going to watch the children for the meeting….but needed a ride.


·        A few minutes later, again, you whispered that I was to switch places with her so that she could hear the speaker… I offered that to her but she didn’t want to do that and resisted…


·        When I heard the speaker’s story I knew that the prompting in my heart was true and she was supposed to be in there as the stories that the speaker told really related to Aliyah’s need for help…


I thank you, Lord, that you were able to give me a chance to connect them and the speaker gave her a chance to read her testimony and invited Aaliyah for free counseling… You’re always our provider to sustain us and help us in the way to healing and I thank you and we bless your name above all names that at the name of Jesus I bow and worship now. 

 “My child, you do well to listen to my instructions. Stay close to me and as I whisper to your heart, strive to ask me questions about what and I am guiding you to do. Ask who, what, where, when, how, why, as you are still struggling with the communication with me. You forget to ask questions. Do you have not because you ask not? I want to be your only desire in your life and walk ahead of you as your guide.

Yes Lord, forgive me.

“My forgiveness for you is farther than the east is from the west and your sins …I remember no more… Go and sin no more… There is no condemnation for those who are in me.”

 I feel called to look up in your Word, Lord, the Scriptures about being in you… Abiding in you…


 I thank you, Lord, that your Word is true and I cling to you as my only source.

 Yes Lord, I understand… It is very exciting how I see you at work these days showing compassion and love to your people.  please help me to always stop and ask you questions. Thank you, Lord Jesus, and I do pray for Aliyah, Joe, my family, all the sick people that are on my list, especially my brother, who is in the hospital…. Lord “seal the leak please”…. Be with us and help us to know you as our only source of salvation ….love, peace, and Joy will follow… all the days of our lives and forever we will live in the house of the Lord forever and ever and ever and ever Amen

 6 AM (In the past days I have searched out the scriptures to back up what he has said.  It is all scriptural! But I didn’t do that today)