Glory Story

One night, while in the kitchen, my husband’s phone rang. He hadn’t been in the room for a while so I decided to look to see who was calling. There was no contact information available. I knew that I shouldn’t answer his phone but I felt compelled to answer anyway. The woman on the other line said, “I missed your call and I am just calling back.”  I told her it was impossible that she could call back because no one had called her first. She insisted that we had called just five minutes ago. I then realized that this was probably another “God set up.”

I explained that there had to be a reason for her call as I didn’t believe in random occurrences.  I asked her, if, by chance, she needed prayer about anything. She told me that she always had something to pray about.

We began talking about the aspects of her life that she was grateful for, which was a busy job and her children.  In the last year around the time her mom passed away, she had lost her job.  The new job was a very busy job, but a blessing because she had realized that God, in his mercy, had given her time to be with her ailing mother. She had worried about her finances then, but now realized the significance of the time off.

She went on to explain that this new job had her traveling a lot as a translator. Her position was to help the illegal immigrants understand the judge’s instructions. She spoke about how difficult this on her emotions as, she most times, has to explain why they can’t stay in the United States.  This situation pulls on her heart strings. We stopped right then and there to pray for her circumstance, thanking God for provision and for help for the immigrants.

She went on to explain that she and her mom had planned to travel to Seattle but had been unable to make the trip before she had died.  Unbelievably, her company she worked for was sending her to Seattle on the first anniversary of her death.  She was prepared to spread some of her mother’s ashes there.

The woman, named Jean, began explaining to me, in very specific detail, all the events surrounding the passing of her mother. During the 45 minute conversation, I listened, with realization, that this was what she needed. A stranger to “be all ears” and capture the event and re-live it with her.

A random thought entered my mind,  “She has not properly grieved.”  I became aware that I had some pamphlets to help people grieve. I asked her if by chance she had ever truly come to grips with the loss of her mother. She said “No, I have not thought about it, but you’re right!   I have never really properly grieved. I only cried for a second at the funeral.”  We spoke of how this was no coincidence that she had called now before the trip.  We talked about how this random call was preparing her for her trip and the laying of the ashes.

I felt led to read parts of the pamphlet to her.  It really facilitated her healing as she shed a few more tears.  I silently scanned the section in the pamphlet that reminded me to ask her to tell me about her mother, “What made her special?” I asked.  She shared how delightful she was. She lovingly remembered her mother’s likes and dislikes and all the unique character qualities that made her so loveable. The act of speaking about those qualities helped her to grieve and let out even more tears.

I knew without a doubt that the Almighty God of the universe had stepped in and made that phone call to my husband’s phone in order to help this precious, faith filled woman.