When you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Almighty God, the Sovereign Author of the universe has just spoken to you, it’s pretty awesome!

The Lord, in the Bible, commands us to, “Take every thought captive.” He instructs us to think about whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and excellent or praiseworthy and promises that the God of peace will be with you. He teaches us that transformation happens when you renew your mind.  My favorite is “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” 2 Cor 10:5, Phil 4:8-9, Rom 12:2, Prov 18:21

I’d been incredibly hopeless about my ongoing health challenges. I learned that “stinkin thinkin” was contributing to my issues. I embarked upon a new scientific, but Biblical, curriculum to change my thought patterns, with the ultimate goal of changing the DNA and gene expression, bringing about whole body wellness.

I began using the Dr. Caroline Leaf “Switch on your brain 21-day detox” program. The important part of this glory story is that within this proven system, there is an “active reach”, 7 times a day, where you visualize God holding you in His huge hands.

The first three days, I experienced quite a miracle. Up until then,  I had trouble visualizing anything in prayer. But the first few days, I enjoyed the ability to picture, vividly, His hands, cupped and ready to hold me, and actually feel His presence.  I felt him squeezing my shoulders, like in a hug, as the goosebumps flooded my body and soul. It was such encouragement!  But on day four through six, my ability to imagine faded. The difficulty gave birth to more “stinkin thinkin.”

Day six, at the onset of experiencing, yet again, physical symptoms, discouragement overwhelmed my mind. My inept effort to “take every thought captive” constituted a failure and I knew it. Despair set in as I had had such high hopes for this program to completely change my DNA and bring about wellness in my body.

My mind crashed downward, a mile a minute, with the realization of yet another sinus infection and my bloated stomach screamed at me “You’re sick! Sick again!!  You are never going to get well!”

With the awareness I was consumed by these toxic thoughts, I concentrated, resting myself in God’s hands in my mind’s eye. My failed attempt to stay in his hands longer than two seconds, though, constituted defeat.  Distraction, hopelessness and discouragement persisted and my thoughts waged a spiritual battle. I was ready to give up!

At that very minute, God stepped in and initiated a change. Have you ever had a song, so touch your heart, as it played at just the right time?  I looked at the radio on the bathroom counter and it set in motion new thoughts, “Turn it on.” Followed by a challenging thought, “No don’t bother, you won’t like the song.” I turned it on anyway.

God uses songs to communicate with me fairly often and just as the radio turned on, amazingly,  I heard the words singing, “My hands are holding you.” In awe, I began weeping and surrendered, to the Lord Jesus Christ, my anxieties, discouragement, and hopelessness.

I had heard this song a couple of times but had really never listened to the words before now.  I felt compelled to go look this song up on YouTube. The words fully completed God’s message to me.

The song continued, “Why are you looking for love? Why are you still searching as if I’m not enough?” I had written my husband a six-page letter just that morning, pouring out my discontent and was searching for love. Thankfully God had miraculously stopped the letter from sending because of spell check, of all things!   On his own, my husband showed me all the love I needed that day, prompted by God and not my long letter.

The song continued, “Because I’ll be by your side whenever you fall.  In the dead of night, whenever you call, and please don’t fight these hands that are holding you, my hands are holding you.”  I’m up in the middle the night, most nights, with insomnia, calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for help. And it seems I am fighting the hands that are holding me? Oh Lord help me!

The amazement of all His great and mighty power produced tears of joy, knowing that He loved me enough to whisper, “Turn on the radio.” He arranged for the programming to feature, at that very minute, 10th Avenue North’s song, and the exact part of the song, words that I greatly needed to hear.

My hands are holding you, 10th Avenue North