God gave me this in the spring of 2016… Carol Gravante


Heart treasures Broken


God is doing a new thing.  I promise you I don’t have this kind of talent.  He talks about special gifts and miracles visions and dreams in the end times.


As you know I am a glory story teller.  I know you don’t know this but I am writing the stories now because he asked me to about a year ago.  If I lay down for a nap or at night  he often will tell me the beginning of the story and to get up and write. He tells me what to say in the story. HE WRITES IT.


The Back story.  Yesterday as Joe was organizing the garage, the box high on the shelf dropped.  It contained ALL our nativities, one very special.  His parents had made us this as a gift for our wedding.  Lovingly poured and painted.  We had set out this nativity in the most prominent place every Christmas for 37 years. We both were so sad but God talked to my heart that there was a story and lesson/ word picture.  I went to lay down for my nap (I rest with the Lord as many as 3 times a day)  He poured the story into my heart but surprisingly it was a poem (never before).  I sometimes get rebellious and don’t get up to write. I didn’t get up but  At 12:30 am was urged to not be in bed and instead…. I asked God to write.  I sat at the table and this is the result.  Poured out on paper with only minor changes.  The miracle is that I have never written a poem except maybe in school in 3rd grade and I found it very difficult.  Today I haven’t stopped being able to talk/think without rhyme.  I believe he’s saying it is time. He is coming back of that I’m sure.  Just have to wait for it soon will be clear.  (I can’t stop the rhyme)


Here it is.     again… I did not write this!


Heart Treasures Broken


“It is so sad,” 

we say with tears

Nativity set out 

all those years. (Mark 7:1-23


Mom and dad 

created for our day

38 years ago, 

oh, what do we say!?

(Proverbs 18:21, 1 Corinthians) 2:4, 1 Peter 4:11


High the box, 

stored away (Matthew 6:19-21, 1 Chronicles 29:3)

Dropped on the floor, 

oh, what a day!


Christmas treasures 

loved so much

Broken Nativity, 

our hearts we clutch!


Broken pieces 

on the ground

Hidden meaning, 

much to be found


Simple clean up 

of the room

End up sweeping 

with a broom


All those memories 

gone in a flash

Out they go 

with the trash


Ceramic pieces purified with fire?

purified with fire?

Live only with his purpose inspired?

purpose inspired?


Heart held fast 

to a ceramic child?

Does God want 

our heart so mild?


Is this an idol?

Do we use glue?

To keep with tradition?

Is this something new?


You’re everything, 

all-knowing, everywhere

We need not seek you,

but in prayer


You mark us with a Seal 

and you know us by name

For our forgiveness 

that you were slain


To reawaken our 

first love ever?

Some would say, 

not now or never


The Word says 

where your treasure is so

There your heart,

will also go


Jesus is more 

than made of clay

He is the one 

who forgives us each day


Of all our treasures

that we store

Jesus says that

he is the door

our hearts set free



Broken nativity,

yes it’s a shame

But it is the reason 

that he came


He was broken 

many years ago

All because 

he loved us so


God sent his son 

to show us the way

Forgiveness is key 

for us each day


True love keeps 

us going strong

Jesus is coming! 

To Him we belong


He need not be, 

put away

Because in our hearts 

he will always stay


Light of the world 

for all to see

First in our life 

he will always be


The power of sin 

is broken for good

For all who believe 

and all of us should


For he paid the price 

for you and me

His love lasts for